1Team1Goal understands the importance of athletics in all of our children's lives.  We also understand that some children are not able to participate in sports due to whatever circumstance they have been dealt.
1Team1Goal will provide these children with the opportunity to cheer and play flag football, through our partnership with the Brentwood Blaze and Full Circle, dance, through our partnership with Music City AllStars, and through our partnership with Elite Football Skills to offer privatized training and football camps. We are also exploring many other opportunities that we are currently working on.

Doug & Traci...Friends for 30 years!

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Cross, Traci & Doug acting silly!



1Team1Goal will provide disadvantaged children with the opportunity to learn to play an instrument, dance, or sing.  Learning to perform in front of people not only helps with the skill they are learning, but it breeds self confidence. We team up with local studios, art and music teachers, and we provide these children the opportunities they otherwise could not afford.


1Team1Goal believes in appropriate social and academic programs that enhance all of our children's life.  Tutoring, Applied Behavior Analysis, Counseling, and many other means of providing these children a fair chance in life.



1Team1Goal was officially started three years ago when Traci Semptimphelter and Karen Dudas partnered with Brentwood Blaze Football to put on "Athletes for Autism Day" at Crockett Park.  The thought was that all children needed to be a part of a "team", and that someone should have a "goal" to provide these opportunities.
Unofficially, the idea for 1Team1Goal started 30 years ago, when Traci became involved in her Waterloo, Iowa's high school program, Gateway, that mentored with special needs children and adults.  She became very close with Doug Sturch, who was born with Down Syndrome.  

After college and while working for a wheelchair and medical supply company, Traci lived with and cared for a quadriplegic woman.  When she was 25 years old, she was a respite foster parent for two girls.  Traci then moved to Nashville where she was a professional cheerleader for 3 years, and has coached cheer and dance for more then 6 years.
She is now married to Scott, who was a professional football player for 8 years, and has coached football for more than 15 years.  They have 3 children, Nick, Graci and Cross.  Cross is adopted from Guatemala and has autism.  They live just south of Nashville, TN, and visit Iowa every winter to see her family, friends, and special friend, Doug Sturch.   
Traci understands the importance of a team and working toward a goal.  She is an advocate for children with special needs, consults many parents of autistic children, and has dedicated herself to growing this 1Team1Goal program to help as many children as she can.
Through Traci's compassion, leadership, and guidance, 1Team1Goal is dedicated to enhancing the lives of children with special needs, financial needs, social needs, and psychological needs.  ​​