Special needs and/or financially disadvantaged people paired with typical people to form one team. 

To be given the opportunity to play sports, dance, create art, play music or get an appropriate education. 

Thank you to our local high school football and cheer teams, we are humbled by your sincere acts of kindness to these special kids. You are giving them memories they will never forget. ​

Nolensville High School - Sept 23

Brentwood High School - Oct 7

Ravenwood High School - Oct 28

Battle Ground Academy-

​Nov 4


We have our games at Nolensville High Sept. 23, Brentwood High Oct. 7, Ravenwood High Oct. 28, and Battle Ground Academy Nov. 4.  These schools' football and cheer teams mentor and help our special needs teams to play and cheer. Our games are 9:00 and 10:00am on their perspective dates.                        


1Team1Goal would not be able to survive without generous donations from people like you.  Together, every child can feel like they are a part of something special.   


1Team1Goal partners with Music City All Stars to pair special needs children 1:1 with typical dancers. 
Our mission is to provide a positive experience for athletes with special needs. We strive to promote mental, physical, and spiritual development through dancing.

​This dance class is on Wednesdays, 6:15-7pm.  We perform at a local competition in April, and also perform at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center for MCAS' recital in May.